About Us

Angel Dancewear is a friendly, family run dance clothing and accessories business based in West Yorkshire, England.

We pride ourselves in delivering excellent customer service, and sourcing high quality fashion dancewear. Angel Dancewear brings the UK high quality dancewear from around the world.

Many of our dancewear brands and dance accessories are famous names worn by and designed by the stars of shows such as Dance Moms.


Where did Angel Dancewear come from?

Whilst on holiday in the USA, two sisters loved the fashionable dance clothing that was available there - but it was not available in the UK. During the trip they visited Abby Lee Millers' (from Dance Moms) dance studio (the ALDC)  and her dance wear shop in LA and that's where the dream and Angel Dancewear came from.

We were inspired to bring American dance fashion to the UK for us, and our friends to wear in dance class.

When they got back from holiday and with the support of their parents Angel Dancewear was born, which was really well received, and provides young and teen girl dancers with choices other than the standard leotard.

Angel Dancewear are always looking for the latest new dance brands to add to our collection.

December 2018 

Due to studies the girls decided to find a new home for Angel dancewear so made the decision to Sell Angel Dancewear to a family run dance store in west Yorkshire

Angel dancewear now has a solid base within Beatz n Pointe dancewear  in Shipley, Bradford west yorkshire, this gives lots of benefits for customers allowing them to try items on prior to making a purchase and ensure they get everything in one store as well as continuing the online option. 

The business will continue to be family run and have the personal touch to our customers, 

 Aims to move forward to the next level:

Beatz n Pointe will enter 2019 with a view of distributing  and wholesaling boutique dancewear items to other dance shops within the UK. If you run an independant dance store and would be interested to find out more please get in touch via email 


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