Importing dancewear

At Angel dancewear, almost every product we supply is imported from dance clothing manufacturers based around the globe.

As such, we like to think we know a little bit about the issues surrounding importing dance clothes to the UK.

If you are planning to purchase a top, some shorts, a leotard new dance bag or any items from the USA or Australia (or anywhere outside of the EU), please be aware that there are a number of charges you will normally need to pay which are in addition to the displayed purchase price on a website:

Delivery charges - international delivery charges generally cannot be calculated until the item has been packed and weighed. Many US based suppliers will be unable to provide you with the delivery charges until after you have placed your order.

Import taxes - once the parcel arrives in the UK it will assessed by customs & excise, and you will be advised of the import taxes to be paid. You will usually receive a letter informing you of the import charges, which has to be paid by credit card (or similar) before the items will be released for delivery to you.

Import charges are made up of an customs duty charge, VAT, and a handling charge. (the handling charge is usually the killer)

We were recently contacted by a customer who had purchased a crop top and shorts from a dance shop in the USA. As the value was below £135 there was no import duty, but the VAT added an additional £13 and the customs handling charge a further £13.50. Its this customs handling charge we often find people are unaware of.

Why not allow us at Angel dancewear Bradford take the headache out of the import by doing it for you, feel free to contact us or pop into Beatz n Pointe dancewear, the shipley dance shop Bradford 

When you buy dance clothing from Angel Dancewear we take care of all these issues - all you pay is our advertised price and the delivery charge (delivery is free for orders over £60).


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