Team Angel

Due to popular demand we created a team of dancers instead of having just one Ambassador, to model our dancewear, attend events and photoshoots !!

We are continuously on the lookout for new members of Team Angel and will be selecting dancers who interact with Angel Dancewear on social media (tags, comments, etc) and who are good role models. 

We have regular dancewear ambassador searches which will be announced on our social media accounts and retail website.



Meet Team Angel


Hi Ella here, co-owner of Angel Dancewear.

I'm 14 years old and live in West Yorkshire. I have been dancing since I was 3 years old and haven't stopped since!! I enjoy all types of dance, drama and singing. Musical Theatre is probably my favourite style.  My other hobbies are playing the violin and keyboard. When I was little I used to do competitions but now I focus on performing in shows such as Bill Kenwright's  touring productions such as Jesus Christ Superstar and Joseph and the Amazing Techincolour Dreamcoat at theatres such as the Leeds Grand and Bradford Alhambra. I also perform in Panto every December. One of my favourite all time shows was performing at Disneyland Paris, which is a really magical place.

At Angel Dancewear one of my main roles is working on the website and computer programming. I also help choose the stock that we import to sell here in the UK. Going to events such as Move It and Can You Dance means I get to meet lots of amazing dancers and see them perform. 

I am looking forward to working with the new Team Angel this year and getting to know these talented dancers xx



I am a 17 year old dancer and the co-owner of Angel Dancewear.

I have lived in West Yorkshire my whole life and danced with a few local dance studios. I started dancing at the age of 7 and currently train at Stuart Stage School, Professional Ballet Experience and am a member of Vivid Dance Company in Halifax. Some of my past performances include the Nutcracker with Northern Ballet, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat at both the Leeds Grand and the Bradford Alhambra, Giselle with English Youth Ballet, Disneyland Paris with Stuart Stage School and Panto for the last 5 years.
One of my favourite aspects of co-owning Angel Dancewear is all the amazing talented dancers I get to meet, both over Social Media and at events across the UK. This year we were lucky enough to tour the UK with Kalani Hilliker and her family and help organise the tour with them. The tour was over 9 days which visited Edinburgh and London and lots of places in between! At Move It in March I was invited to be a guest speaker at a business seminar with Miss Abby Lee Miller and to talk about different types of careers within the dance industry. 
I love to dance because you make lots of beautiful memories that last a lifetime. This year will be a chance for the Team to attend events and photo shoots together and most important...have fun!!


Hi, my name is Ruby and I’ve been taking dance classes since I was 2 but I was always dancing even before that. I started at Baby Ballet classes initially and loved them so much I didn’t leave until I was 5. As well as ballet I began freestyle dance classes at age 3. These were mixed age classes so were fantastic for learning timing and routines quickly. At age 5 I began Little Gems Dance Academy in Bradford, where I still go to this day and do classes in ballet, tap, modern jazz, musical theatre, pointe prep, acrobatic arts and private competition classes. I compete with Little Gems a few times a year at local competitions and especially love doing my own choreography in the open section which I’ve won many times. When I used to do freestyle dancing I competed for a while in ADFP, ISTD and IDTA competitions and moved up to champ level very quickly in ADFP. One of my biggest achievements was winning the ISTD U10 Pre-Bronze set dance championship for 2017 where dancers had to qualify by placing in regional qualifiers throughout the year.
This year I have also been accepted on to the Northern Jazz Associate programme and the Northern Ballet Centre for Advanced Training programme. I began the CAT programme during the summer and love training at Northern Ballet and having the opportunity to meet and observe the professional ballet dancers there.
This year I’ve been fortunate enough to have successfully auditioned for the professional pantomime  in Halifax  for the 2nd year running. I love the experience of performing on stage to big audiences.
As a dancer I’ve tried many styles of dance in the past, either at classes, workshops or conventions and have a particular love and connection with contemporary, though I’ve done very few classes in it. Though I love classes and workshops I love nothing more than improvising to music and feeling the emotion of a song and interpreting that in movement.
I feel so lucky to have been given the opportunity to be a part of Team Angel Dance wear. I’m so passionate about dancing and to be able to do that in comfort and style is just perfect. I’m so excited to work with such a talented and friendly group of ambassadors and look forward to seeing what the future holds now I’m a part of the amazing Team Angel. 



Hi I'm Milly, I'm 15 years old and I'm from West Yorkshire. I started dancing when I was 3 at a small local dance school taking classes in baby ballet and cheerleading. When I was 4 I moved to The Emma Coombs Dance Academy which is where I have been training ever since. I take a few lessons a week in ballet, tap and modern and as well as this, I take one class a week in lyrical/ contemporary, turns and tricks, jazz technique, musical theatre, pointe, commercial and limbering. My favourite classes are ballet, lyrical and turns and tricks, but I am also working really hard in the styles I find the hardest; tap and commercial.
In 2016 I successfully auditioned for Phoenix youth academy which is a training program run twice a week for contemporary dance. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Phoenix as it gave me a better understanding of contemporary technique and gave me many opportunities to perform. In 2017 I was able to perform in a show with the Phoenix professional company, which was a great achievement.
This year I was lucky enough to be offered a place with the Jazz Associates in their senior division, this is based in Stockport and I am loving training with them. It is extremely intense but I love how challenging it is. 
Throughout my time as a dancer, I have performed in many shows from local productions of musical theatre to English Youth Ballet's Giselle. I also take part in an annual show in the summer with my dance school, this is my favourite weekend of the entire year as it is a non stop two days of doing what I love most. As well as being at dance class and in shows, I love going to conventions to learn new things and work hard. Going to them has also allowed me to meet angel dancewear at various events which makes the days even more amazing.
I am massively inspired by my dancing friends and my dance teacher who push me daily to be the best I can be. I am also so inspired by all the lovely girls on team angel who are all stunning dancers and also extremely kind hearted. I can't thank Angel Dancewear enough for allowing me to be an ambassador for your amazing company, to be welcomed on to your team really means the world to me. I absolutely love wearing angel dancewear and I can't wait for the future.
Love Milly xx



(Aged 8, lives in Edinburgh, Scotland)

 Hi I'm Lexi, I'm 8 years old and I live in Edinburgh, Scotland.

I started dancing at 2 years old with the Phelan School of Dance and entered my first competition at the age of 4 and won 3 medals! Since then I've danced in lots of dance competitions in Scotland and England and won lots of medals, trophies and championships. My biggest achievement was being selected this year to represent Scotland at the Dance World Cup in Germany, where I performed two solos and brought home a bronze medal.  I do classes in tap, ballet, modern, hip hop, strength and conditioning, acro and highland and I'm very lucky to get such amazing dance training from such wonderful teachers.

I also attend Ballet West in Edinburgh once a month where I trained as a Junior Associate but this year have been asked to join the Senior Associates which I am very excited about.

Being from Scotland, its lovely to be able to do highland dancing, although its very hard! And due to my highland, I've performed in both the Spirit of Scotland and Taste of Scotland shows.  

I love musical theatre as it combines dancing, singing and drama, all which I love to do. This year I attended the Sylvia Young Theatre School for a week and had the most amazing time! I also recently auditioned to be part of Stagebox Elite and was accepted – I start my training with them in October.

Being asked to be part of Team Angel is a dream come true and I am so excited to meet the rest of the Team, they are all such talented dancers and role models for young dancers like me.



Hi I'm Georgia and I am 15 years old.  I live in a beautiful little village in Co Durham.  I started dancing at 4 years old taking my first ballet class at The Tiffany School of Dance in Darlington & I am still there today doing my RAD Advanced Foundation!   I love ballet and am now training on pointe which is very challenging.  I was lucky enough to train as an Elmhurst Junior ballet Associate in Sunderland when I was 10/11 yr old in Sunderland and experienced boarding in Birmingham at the beautiful Elmhurst Ballet School. I thoroughly enjoyed Elmhurst but it made me realise I loved all styles of dance so much and did not want to just do ballet. 

From 5 years old I started dancing at Clare Walton's Stepping Out dance school very local to me, and my love of disco freestyle dancing started. I became a British Champion at only 7 years old and was an under 8 Champion winning many titles in England & Scotland. I have gone on to achieve Premier Champ status in freestyle which is the highest you can achieve in under 10s, under 12, and now under 14s. I have won the British Championships 3 times in each age section and one of my biggest achievements was becoming a Solo World Champion in under 12s which was amazing experience and achieved Slow Runner Up World Champion this year in under 14s.  I made myself, my teachers and my family very proud.  I have won and qualified for some of the best freestyle competitions there is in this country and I have loved my journey and have been very lucky to have been sponsored throughout my freestyle life by BX Designs and currently with Divarokz Designs which I am extremely grateful for. 

Last few years I started to branch out as I loved all styles of dance I was learning with Clare Walton and entered theatre competitions in Ireland Starpower & Newcastle and attended a Can You Dance touring convention by Matt Flint & Tom Shilcock, this excited me to do more and I was very lucky this year to be chosen as their Can You Dance Star where I danced solo at Newcastle alongside the amazing Tayluer Amos & Amelia Tyler.  It was here I was lucky enough to firstly meet photographer Paul from Centre Stage who I have worked with on many photo shoots & events since & I was introduced to Angel Dancewear by CYD and I have loved knowing the family ever since.  At CYD I was also scouted by Urdang London and offered a free scholarship place at their Summer School where I attended this August and loved the experience dancing at a top dance college in London. 

In March this year I attended the Moveit convention at the Excel in London and it was the best dance experience i have ever had seeing the dance world altogether at its best it was amazing.  I was lucky enough to get a place and dance on the freestyle stage and it was here I was scouted by UKDanceElite and a place in Regional Heats.  I went on to dance in the semi finals at the famous Sadlers Wells in London and achieved the dream of making the top 22 finalists from 1000s and perform at the Broadway Theatre in London to top industry dance professionals and won 3rd Place!!  It was the best dance achievement by far and something I'll always remember and treasure that I did and met other amazing dancers & professionals. 

After auditions this year, I successfully gained a place as a CAT student and in September I started on the Dance City, Centre for Advanced Training in Newcastle, a top advanced training centre in contemporary & ballet where I train 10 hours a week and I am thoroughly enjoying it. 

I was also very lucky to be spotted at NELive dance competition in Newcastle and in his lecture by top judge Ryan Jenkins, this was totally unexpected and a wonderful surprise.  He invited me to London to dance with his ID-dance youth company at Pineapple Dance Studios and I have been attending twice a month since. He is an amazingly talented choreographer and such an inspirational & positive teacher it is a unique experience that I am currently enjoying very much and looking forward to the future with iD.  

By no means least the most fun and enjoyable memory is getting to know and travel with my Angel family this year especially in Edinburgh & Newcastle on the Kalani Hilliker Tour with her family too, and my sister & Mum, it was very special.  We had such fun celebrating at the Angel birthday party too and I can't wait for exciting times ahead in 2017.

I am so lucky to be chosen as a Team Angel as they are like another little family to me and support everything I do and we are so supportive of one another.  I Love my Angel family




Hi everyone I am Ashliegh and I am 13 years old from Warwickshire. 

I currently train at Heart Work Studios in companies Heartless and The Tribe with previous training at iD Company in London with Ryan Jenkins. 

Over my years of training I have been lucky enough to perform in Disneyland Paris and Her Majesty’s Theatre in the west end. 

I love to attend dance events such as Can You Dance and Move it and have had the privilege of winning the Junior Commercial Award at Can You Dance and a scholarship for the Hollywood Summer Tour at Move it. 

I was recently a soloist in a sold out production of BadWater in Birmingham City Centre, which is being studied for BTEC courses internationally.

I am honoured to be apart of Team Angel Dancewear with such incredible dancers/people. Love you all, Ashliegh



Hi I'm Jessica, I'm 11 years old and I live in South Yorkshire. 

I have been dancing since the age of 3 doing ballet, tap, modern and acro. When I was 8 I decided I wanted to try artistic gymnastics, but I have Severs disease in my feet which means until my feet are fully grown the heel plate gets inflamed and after 9 hour weekly sessions I was unable to walk some days! This doesn't cause any long term damage and once I'm 15 it should be fully healed, but I had to quit gymnastics and stick to dancing. Luckily dancing causes me very little pain with it. 

In 2016 I met Abby Lee and danced at one of her UK tours. I started competing in dance festivals only a year ago but since then I have won lots of medals & trophies, I have also appeared in a couple of pantomimes and shows, including Annie where I was an orphan & in The Wizard of Oz where I was a munchkin, an Ozian & a winged monkey. 

My favourite dance styles are acro and modern. I train 4 times a week at my local dance school Fearons Middleton, and once a month at SLP college in Leeds as I'm on their associate programme where we do ballet, jazz & musical theatre. 

I am so excited to be joining Team Angel and for all the amazing opportunities coming up this year with the talented girls, they are all so welcoming and I am so grateful for the experience.

Love Jessica X



Hi, I’m Amelia (also known as Millie) and I am 16 years old. I am from a small village north to London, England. I haven’t been dancing for anywhere near as long as the other girls on the team... this is only my 3rd year but it has been the best three years of my life. Previously I have been a gymnast and a competitive cheerleader which I really enjoyed but I am so glad that I fell into the performing arts route!

I am incredibly inspired by many people in the dance community. Firstly my dance teacher, who has had an huge impact on my life making me the dancer I am today... I would never have been able to accomplish my dreams (like being a part of team angel) if it wasn’t for her support. Also by all of my gorgeous dance friends that I dance with... they are all incredible. By many dance stars that I look up to a lot but last but not least the lovely girls that I am now on a team with. I am so honoured to be on a team with such talented girls that I know I’m going to learn so much from!! You are all fantastic. 

I dance every day of the week for usually four or more hours and when I’m not taking class I am constantly working as hard as I can to improve both my strengths and weaknesses. I train in multiple grades of each style that I do: ballet, pointe, modern, jazz, tap, contemporary, commercial, Bollywood, lyrical and musical theatre. I also take a weekly stretch class. My favourite styles of dance are ballet and contemporary. I love the elegance and precision of ballet and the depth of the style fascinates me... there is always more to learn and ways to improve and I adore that. I also really like contemporary as being able to express through the movement of this style of dance is something that really makes me feel free. 

I have attended many workshops, master classes and conventions leaving feeling very inspired. I love to be lucky enough to do this as it results in meeting so many new and incredible people! I found my love for dance due to being inspired by the dancers in the hit TV show dancemoms, I have attended workshops with Abby Lee Miller, Brynn Rumfallo and also Kalani Hilliker where I first met the lovely owners of Angel Dancewear - each of them were superb days. In March 2016 I attended my first ever convention... Move It. It was an incredible experience and the atmosphere was unforgettable. I was lucky enough to be scouted by the amazing Jenifer Ellison which I was so very pleased by. I also recently attended CYD? and move it shake it. 

Dance has lead me to so many incredible opportunities so far. The best yet - being a member of team angel. It is an absolute honour and something that I’ve been working towards for a very long time and I am overjoyed that my work has paid off! I am also lucky enough to be able to perform very regularly thanks to my amazing studio and I thoroughly enjoy each of them! I cannot express how excited I am to be an ambassador for my favourite dancewear company and it’s going to be an insane journey for me. Cannot wait for all of the fun times ahead and to be with my team. This is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me and I am beyond grateful. 

Amelia x



(Age 16, lives in Ireland)

I started my dancing career at the age of 3 years old. My favourite style of dance is musical theatre as I love incorporating singing and acting into my dancing. My other styles include lyrical, contemporary, hip hop and jazz.

I have performed in many stage productions in Ireland. These include musicals such as "The King and I" and Christmas pantomimes such as "Snow White", "Cinderella" and "Alice in Wonderland", in the Cork Opera House.

I am lucky to have received so many amazing opportunities through dance for example being on Team Angel. Recently, I had the opportunity to dance in a music video entitled 'Blow Your Mind' by Mackenzie Sol. It was such an amazing experience and I learned a lot about how much time and effort goes into making music videos . Another special experience I recently had was being able to assist Abby Lee Miller from the hit TV show "Dance Moms" on her European dance tour around the UK, Ireland, Norway and Gibraltar.

As well as dancing, I also have a huge passion for gymnastics. I am a member of the Ballincollig Gymnastics Club. I compete in Sports Acrobatics regularly and have been successful in regional and national competitions. 

Being on Team Angel means so much to me. It gives me the opportunity to meet and work with so many amazing people. The other girls on the team are so supportive and kind to one another and of course talented dancers.

Together we make a great team!



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